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Nu mai poate sofa pana in 3001


Pare ceva de deomeniul absurdului, dar este cat se poate de real. In cauza este un australian  care avea pemisul expirat. De 34 de ani!


sofer batran Nu mai poate sofa pana in 3001

AN RDF TELEVISION PRODUCTION FOR ITV 100 YEAR OLD DRIVERS on Wednesday 13th August 2014 Under Strict Embargo until Saturday 9th August 2014 Picture Shows: HARRY KARTZ You shouldn’t be driving over 90? Try telling that to this group of drivers. In a warm, character led documentary, ITV hits the road with some of Britain’s oldest drivers. We meet 100 year old bomber command veteran Harry Kartz who drives to the betting shop and back every day, retired school teacher Mary, 100, who mischievously remarks that “they can’t get you for speeding on a bend can they?” And Ken and Edna Medlock, 99 and 98 respectively, who are still in love and still driving to the seaside for their date by the sea. In Britain, drivers must re-apply for a driving licence at the age of 70, and every three years thereafter, but there is no requirement to undergo a test. As a result there are nearly 200 people still driving today who are over 100 years old and the numbers are growing with tens of thousands still driving in their 90s. In funny and at times poignant scenes we are in the backseat of cars as younger relatives wrestle with the question of whether to tell mum or dad to hand in keys. For one daughter it leads to the choice remark from mother: “I’ve cut you out of my will did I tell you!” Some older drivers decide to book in for their own tests. Basil Smith faces a date with destiny as he arranges for a driving instructor to test his ability. If the instructor fails him, he’ll stop driving but it will have big repercussions. Basil won’t just lose his own independence; he’ll also struggle to visit his beloved wife now residing in a residential care home just over 9 miles away. In the build up to the test, we find Basil furiously practising “eye exercises” in bed…by staring at the dots on the ceiling. A story about driving but also about old age, love and loss, this documentary doesn’t pass judgement. Rather, we leave it to the viewers to decide whet

Leonard Davie si-a pierdut dreptul de a conduce pana in anul 3001. Practic, Davie isi va putea folosi permisul din nou abia cand va implini frumoasa varsta de… 1046 de ani. Se pare ca barbatul in varsta de 62 de ani a fost de oprit de politie si supus unui test de alcoolemie. Acesta l-a trecut, dar nu avea permisul la el. Politia a verificat si a vazut ca Davie avea un permis ce expirase in 1983. Verificari ulterioare au descoperit ca permisul barbatului fusese anulat in 1988 pana in decembrie 3001. Reporterii l-au intrebat cum a reusit sa primeasca o pedeapsa atat de mare, iar barbatul a spus ca nu a fost implicat in niciun accident, ci a acumulat puncte de penalizare. La polul opus se afla un barbat din Munchen care, satul de timpul petrecut in trafic, a gasit alta ruta pana la munca: inot, pe raul Isar, care traverseaza orasul. Astfel, in fiecare vara, Benjamin David inoata zilnic cate doi kilometri pana la munca. Uneori chiar dus si intors, adica 4 kilometri…


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